Frequently asked questions

Mobile Content Factory answers your most frequently asked questions.

The main advantage of our offers : The simple registration. The subscription to our services is done through your telephone number after authentication and confirmation by SMS.

You can subscribe to our non binding services for a daily price, to benefit from an unlimited access. The subscription is automatically renewable with the possibility of cancellation at any time.

You can proceed to a quick check by accessing the unsubscribe page by clicking here, all you need to do is fill in your phone number, then we will display all your active services.

Our teams are ready to offer you a complete support, do not hesitate to solicit them by clicking here or sending a message to the address :

The identifier of your account is often the telephone number entered during the subscription to our offer, insert it in the requested field and click after on "Forgot password" to receive a new one.

In case of forgetfulness or need for additional assistance ... we invite you to contact our customer support reachable on :

They will do the necessary and resend your login credentials by email.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and without additional costs, we offer you 4 possible options:

1. SMS

If you are comfortable with SMS and want to end your subscription, simply send:

- For Playvod: Send "UNSUB VOD" to 88888 for Zain, "Stop VOD" to 94466 for Batelco and "Unsub PVOD" to 98726 for STC

- For Playweez: Send "STOP PWZ" to 94466 for Batelco or "UNSUB PZ" to 98726 for STC

- For Unlimited Streaming: Send "UNSUB US2" to 94005 for Zain or "UNSUB US" to 98726 for STC

- For Clicnscores: Send "UNSUB CNS" to 94005 for Zain or "UNSUB CNS" to 98726 for STC

- For LaLigaXtra: Sen "UNSUB LIGA" to 88888 for Zain

2. Self-service unsubscription

You only have to access the unsubscription section by clicking here and following the indications as follows:

Step 1: Start by entering the telephone number used for the subscription to the service from which you want to unsubscribe

Step 2: We will display the list of active services so you can select the ones you want to cancel

Step 3: We will send you a PIN code consisting of 4 digits XXXX per SMS, fill it out on the dedicated field to validate your unsubscription request

Step 4: We will confirm the deactivation of your subscription by SMS.

3. Contact form

Our customer service remains at your disposal 7 days a week to respond to all your requests. Do not hesitate to fill this form to submit us your questions, we'll have the pleasure to send you a response as soon as possible.

4. E-mail

Send us all your questions on the following address : . Our client advisors will take the time to process your request and give you an answer as soon as possible.